No whitewash! Counter-conference on the ‘leaked report’

The Labour Left Alliance supports this Zoom conference planned for mid-July, to coincide with the release of Keir Starmer’s ‘investigation’ into the leaked report. Click here to register.

Confirmed participants so far include Chris Williamson, Jackie Walker, Prof David Miller, Moshe Machover, Greg Hadfield and Tony Greenstein – and the conference will also hear from less prominent cases. Email if you want to give evidence or contribute in any other way.

Starmer’s official investigation is likely to be a whitewash, focusing on who leaked it rather than the substance of the right-wing smears and campaign of sabotage against Jeremy Corbyn.

But the conference will also look at the many mistakes made by the Corbyn leadership: The report shows that they decided to support the lie that the Labour Party is overrun by antisemites. They sought to appease the Israel advocacy groups and the self-appointed leadership of “the Jewish community” and behaved as though they believed this lie. In the process they displayed an inability to recognise real antisemitism, while eagerly trying to get rid of activists like Jackie Walker, Tony Greenstein, Ken Livingstone, Marc Wadsworth and Chris Williamson, none of whom can be accused of even a trace of antisemitism.

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