David Evans’ communication re Corbyn and EHRC report

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Further to the information you received on appropriate discussion of the EHRC report and recommendations on Thursday 29 October, I wanted to write to provide supplementary guidance in relation to discussion of individual disciplinary cases.

I am aware of the considerable strength of feeling and the range of views that members will have about the suspension, pending investigation, of Jeremy Corbyn MP. However, I must remind you that in accordance with the instructions of my predecessor – which I fully agree with – it is not competent business for CLPs, branches and any other party units to have discussions about, or pass motions in relation to any aspect of individual disciplinary cases. This is necessary in order to protect the integrity of our processes, and to ensure that cases can be investigated and determined confidentially.

In accordance with the guidance previously circulated, I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that motions or discussions that seek to question the competence of the EHRC to conduct the investigation in any way, or repudiate or reject the report or any of its recommendations are not competent business and must be ruled out of order. This is because the NEC has a responsibility under Labour Party rule to ensure that the Party meets its legal responsibilities, which includes responding accordingly to the EHRC’s statutory investigation.

As leaders in your CLPs and branches, the Party is relying on you to ensure that meetings are conducted in accordance with our rules and guidance, and in the spirit of creating an open and welcoming environment for people of all communities and backgrounds. I must emphasise that the Party will not hesitate to take appropriate action – including against individual members – where our rules and guidance are not adhered to, or standards of behaviour fall below that which we expect.

Should you have any questions about this guidance or the propriety of any individual motions or discussion topics, please contact enquiries@labour.org.uk or your regional office who will be happy to provide further advice.

Yours sincerely,


David Evans

General Secretary

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