We reject the EHRC report

The LLA Organising Group reiterates its demands for the reinstatement of Jeremy Corbyn and the rejection of the findings and recommendations of the EHRC report, particularly the proposed ‘outsourcing’ of disciplinary processes. We offer our full support to all comrades who have been subjected to lies and slanders during the witch-hunt, especially those singled out for attack in the EHRC report, ie Ken Livingstone and Pam Bromley. We resolve to continue the campaign against the witch-hunt and in defence of party democracy and free speech.

We reiterate the calls in our model motion for left MPs, trade union leaders and the organised left to give a real lead in the fight to reinstate Corbyn and to reject the EHRC report. However, the response of the official Labour left, in parliament and elsewhere, has been supine and unprincipled. The Socialist Campaign Group of MPs has offered only perfunctory ‘opposition’ to Corbyn’s suspension, while many supposed left MPs have either remained silent or even joined in the attacks on Corbyn and the left.

We condemn these politics of compromise and false appeals to ‘party unity’ with the right. We recognise that the ground for these current attacks was laid by the actions of the Corbyn leadership in colluding with the witch-hunting of comrades such as Jackie Walker, Tony Greenstein, Marc Wadsworth, Chris Williamson and Ken Livingstone. The attempts by that leadership to appease the right by sacrificing comrades on the left was mistaken and ultimately futile.

We recognize that the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn represents a significant and very dangerous new phase in the witch-hunt. Large numbers of rank-and-file members are being suspended or bullied into resignation.

The Starmer leadership has shown that it wants to complete the Blairite project and entirely purge the left from the Labour Party. Our response must be to take the war to the enemy. The Labour left must launch a real fightback to defeat both the fake-left politics of compromise and Starmer’s witch-hunt against socialists.