Videos and background reading: What is Zionism?

In this fantastic education series, which ran for five sessions in March and April 2021, Tony Greenstein discussed a range of hugely important questions, which have led to a lot of confusion in the Labour movement over the last six years and played a huge role in the defeat of the Corbyn leadership.

Tony has produced background reading to accompany the series – please click here to download this brochure (it’s 100 pages).

All videos from the series and some additional videos are available further below and on our Youtube channel here.

Friday March 26: Introduction to Zionism
Friday April 2:  Zionism and anti-Semitism
Friday April 9: Was there such a thing as socialist Zionism?
Friday April 16: Zionism during the holocaust
Friday April 23: What does Zionism mean in the context of the Israeli state?