Say no to all bans and proscriptions!

The Labour Left Alliance strongly condemns the proscription of left-wing groups from the Labour Party. This is no doubt only a prelude to a more widespread assault on the left. We are one of the organisations who set up ‘Defend the Left‘, which campaigns against all bans and proscriptions.

What you can do:

1) Sign and share the ‘Defend the Left’ petition here 

2) Get your tu branch, Labour Left organisation or CLP to sign up (email The current list of supporting organisations is available here and all of them have been invited to a meeting tonight to discuss next steps.

3) Join Labour Against the Witchhunt here and Labour In Exile here to show solidarity

4) Try to get an emergency motion through your Labour Party branch or CLP, Momentum group or trade union opposing the decision. There is a model motion available here