Labour Left Alliance banned from the Labour Party

It hasn’t come as a complete surprise to us that Labour’s ruling body, the NEC, has decided to ban three further organisations, including the Labour Left Alliance (the others are the Socialist Labour Network and the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty). After all, we have been very vocal in opposing the antisemitism smear campaign, the banning of free speech and the previous proscriptions. There is no point staying in the Labour Party if you’re not prepared to fight this ruthless war by the right – and we certainly did! We are very proud to stand with all those who have previously been unjustly expelled from the Labour Party because they dared to fight!

We doubt the Labour Party will take into account that the LLA hasn’t got a membership structure and we expect the bureaucrats to start “auto-excluding” comrades who have dared to like or share a Facebook post. This is the current state of the Labour Party – highly irrational. Starmer is intent on eradicating all traces of the Corbyn years.

Solidarity always, comrades! ✊✊✊🚩🚩🚩