Gary Lineker, cancel culture and the battle for free speech

Saturday March 18, 6pm

The ruling class want free speech restrictions and rules on ‘impartiality’ only for those who are critical of the government and the status quo. But should we call for unrestricted free speech? Or are there some people who should not be given a platform?

What can we do about the blatant bias of the BBC (now run by a Tory) and many other media institutions?

What should socialists say when it comes to refugees and immigration? Is a policy of ‘open borders’ the right call?

And was Lineker right to compare today’s Tory government with Nazi Germany? Are we living under a proto-fascist regime?

Why does it take (overpaid) football players and commentators to become the official position? Where is the Labour Party?

Join us to discuss the vast number of political questions this case has thrown up.

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