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Donations and affiliation fees by bank transfer to Labour Left Alliance, sort code 60-50-06, account number 45049238

You can make a donation via Paypal by clicking here (please note the link will take you to Labour Against the Witchhunt’s Paypal account – while teething problems with our bank account are being sorted out, they are kindly collating donations for us in a dedicated section of their PP account).

Please send cheques made payable to ‘Labour Left Alliance’ to LLA, BM Box 1488, London WC1N 3XX

This appeal was initiated by the Labour Representation Committee ( and Labour Against the Witchhunt ( Any bona fide group who signs up to our appeal can be part of the coordinating group – please let us know the name, email address and telephone number of your representative. Affiliation fee for local groups is £20; for national groups £100.

We strongly encourage all signatories to join the Labour Party and get involved in local Labour Left groups. We also welcome those who have been suspended or expelled as part of the witch-hunt against Jeremy Corbyn.

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