launch conference, Feb 20 2020

Our launch conference took place on February 22 2020 in Sheffield.

171 delegates from 36 local and national affiliated Labour Left groups registered in advance to attend our launch conference, as did a dozen observers. We had a number of apologies and travel problems due to the weather, but still, over 130 delegates and 6 observers made the journey.

We heard political openings by Jackie Walker (vice chair Labour Against the Witchhunt), OG member Lee Rock (who reported on the recent growth of the LLA) and NEC candidate Jo Bird (whose excellent speech was introduced by her ‘Just Jews’ video, in which she talks about her first suspension from the Labour Party). In the run up to conference, we received twelve motions (most of which were agreed) and four detailed proposals for a LLA constitution. Conference decided on what we believe is a very democratic (and unusual) way to decide our structures: The conference arrangements committee had prepared a composite constitution, which featured the ‘common ground’ of all four proposals and then presented their key differences in clearly defined ‘options’ that delegates could vote on.

A fuller report back is available here. The original delegate pack can be downloaded here in PDF format.

All motions received