LLA education programme – restarting now!

You can find the videos of all of our previous sessions here on Youtube, including all 12 sessions of our excellent series ‘Learning Labour’s History’.

We now need your help in planning the next stage of our education programme – we are looking for speakers and volunteers who might be interested in leading various online discussions. We are currently planning four different strands:

  1. A series on ‘Revolution! Key moments in socialist history 1381-1914’
  2. A series on ‘Revolution and Counter-revolution in the Twentieth Century’
  3. A series on ‘Basic Marxist concepts’
  4. An online Book and Film Club

We would like to broaden our list of speakers and so we are asking for comrades who could lead a discussion on any of the listed topics to get in touch with us by emailing info@labourleft.org – ideally please do so before 20 September. We are also looking for comrades who might be interested in helping to run the Book and Film Club.

“REVOLUTION! Key moments in socialist history 1381-1914”

Thursday 24 September
‘When Adam delved and Eve span…’ Peasant wars and radical movements 1381-1535

Thursday 1 October
The Levellers and the Diggers in the English revolution 1640-1660

Thursday 8 October
Revolution from below: the radical American revolutionary tradition 1760-1815

Thursday 15 October
‘Real equality or death…’ Babeuf, the Conspiracy of Equals and the French Revolution 1789-1799

Thursday 22 October
The first world revolution: the United Irishmen, the Black Jacobins, Bolivar’s wars of liberation, and the international impact of the French Revolution 1791-1830

Thursday 29 October
The Springtime of the Peoples? The 1848 Revolution

Thursday 5 November
Chartism-the world’s first working class party 1838-57

Thursday 12 November
‘Bourgeois and proletarians’: socialist ideas 1840-1867

Thursday 19 November
The second American revolution: the Civil War and the struggle over slavery 1850-1875

Thursday 26 November
‘Workers of the world unite!’ The Frist International 1864-1876

Thursday 3 December
The first workers’ government -the Paris Commune 1871

Thursday 10 December
Socialism in the age of imperialism: the Second International 1889-1914

Thursday 17 December
Conclusion: Learning from the past?

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