New education series: Marx and Marxism

On January 7, we are starting a new series, looking at Marx and Marxism. We’ll be publishing reading materials before the sessions so that comrades can prepare.

1) January 7 2021
Is the Communist Manifesto still important for socialists today?
Presented by Mark Lewis. Recommended reading:

  • The Communist Manifesto
  • The intellectual life of the British working class, Jonathan Rose (Yale University Press, New Haven and London). A fascinating history of the ways that working people developed a culture of education from below. My favourite chapter = ‘The Welsh Miners Libraries’ (p.237).
  • The adventures of the Communist Manifesto, Hal Draper (Centre for Socialist History).
  • Democracy against capitalism, Ellen Meiksins Wood (Cambridge University Press)
  • The Vote: How it was won and how it was undermined, Paul Foot (Bookmarks Publications)
  • Beyond ‘Capital’: Marx’s Economy of the working class, Michael Lebowitz (Palgrave). Explores the “one-sidedness” of Marx’s unfinished Capital and argues that the side of the working class – its struggles withing capitalism, its culture, etc – was not sufficiently theorised by Marx (he died with the bulk of his plan for Capital not completed) and this has produced a narrow, economistic template by the left, including those who claim to stand in the tradition of Marx and his ideas.
  • The transitional programme for socialist revolution, Leon Trotsky (Pathfinder Press).

2) January 14 2021
Marx and Engels – their background, their relationship

Presented by Kevin Bean. Recommended reading:
– V.I. Lenin: The Three Sources and Three Component Parts of Marxism
– Marx/Engels: The German Ideology (critique of the Hegelians and putting forward a materialist view allied with dialectics – the direct forerunner of the Communist Manifesto)
– Paul Lafargue: Reminiscences of Karl Marx

3) January 21 2021
What is a socialist society?
Presented by Hillel Ticktin

4) January 28 2021
What’s so special about the working class? How should we organise?
Presented by Matthew Jones

5) February 4 2021
Why did Marx fight for ‘Democracy’? Isn’t that what the bourgeoisie does?
Presented by Kevin Bean

6) February 11 2021
Marx & religion
Presented by Mark Lewis

7) February 18 2021
Marx & nature
Presented by Mark Lewis

8) February 25 2021
Marx and the nation
Presented by Kevin Bean

9) March 4 2021
Why is Marx’s ‘Capital’ still important?

10) March 11 2021
Dialectics – what is that?
Presented by Matthew Jones

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