New series: Revolution and Counter-Revolution in the 20th century

We will be publishing reading material throughout 

May 13
Introduction Imperialism, war and revolution 1900-18 (Kevin Bean)

May 20 & May 27
Russian Revolution 1917-24  (Roger Silverman)

  • John Reed: Ten Days that shook the World
  • China Mieville: October
  • Trotsky: History of the Russian Revolution

June 3 & June 10
Debating Stalinism-the revolution betrayed? 1924-39 (Matthew Jones)

June 17 & June 24
The rise of fascism: Italy and Germany 1918-33  (Kevin Bean and David Broder)

  • L.Trotsky, The struggle against fascism in Germany”:
  • M. Kitchen Fascism
  • R, Griffin, Fascism (Key concepts in political theory)
  • E. Nolte, The three faces of fascism
  • K, Passmore, Fascism: a very short introduction
  • A Costa Pinto, Rethinking the nature of fascism: Comparative perspectives

July 1 & July 8
Fascism in Germany, capitalist reaction and counter-revolution: Nazi Germany 1924-39 (Kevin Bean)

  • Trotsky on Nazism, short extracts here
  • Overview of election results in Germany, 1924-33 here
  • D.Guérin, Fascism and Big Business
  • I. Kershaw, Hitler
  • R. Evans, The Coming of the Third Reich
  • E. Nolte, The three faces of fascism
  • R. Hamilton, ‘The Rise of Nazism: A Case Study and Review of Interpretations: Kiel, 1928-1933’, German Studies Review  Vol. 26, No. 1 (Feb., 2003), pp. 43-62)
  • R.Hoffrogge and N.Laporte,  Communism as Mass Movement
  • B. Fowkes, Communism in Germany under the Weimar Republic
  • D. Barclay and E. Weitz (eds),Between Reforma and Revolution: German Socialism and Communism from 1840 to 1990
  • E. Weitz, Creating German Communism, 1890-1990

July 15
US 1918-39: revolutionary challenge and capitalist response (New Deal etc) (Daniel Lazare)

July 22
Debating the Spanish revolution 1918-39 (Matthew Jones)

July 29 & August 5
The fight against imperialism: Ireland, India, China, South East Asia, Africa (Kevin Bean)

August 12
Revolution and counter revolution 1914-1939: concluding roundtable discussion (speakers tbc)