LLA working groups

We note that there are currently two working groups in operation in the LLA (the Trade Union caucus and the Republican Labour working group). However, there is no mention of working groups in our constitution or our standing orders.

We therefore resolve to clarify their relationship to the rest of the organisation and propose to adopt this outline as an interim working position before it can be put to the next LLA conference for inclusion into the constitution in point 2.6.: 

After “LLA branches and affiliated groups are encouraged to communicate and form any collaborative ventures they wish” add the following: 

“LLA supporters are also encouraged to form working groups on any political issue. These working groups are autonomous, but are encouraged to regularly feed back progress of their work to the LLA Steering Committee and to produce short written reports to all meetings of the LLA Organising Group. LLA working groups are free to produce and internally circulate their own statements, hold meetings or organise any other activities. Where differences to existing LLA policy exist, the working groups are encouraged to produce position papers for the consideration of the LLA SC, OG and/or conference so that they might become official policy of the Labour Left Alliance.”