LLA leaflets

LLA leaflet at Labour Party conference, Tuesday September 24 2019.
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Draft motion to affiliate to the Labour Left Alliance

This group [enter name] believes there is now an urgent need to build a democratic, transparent and socialist Labour Left Alliance that:

  • organises democratically and transparently
  • both supports Corbyn against attacks by the right, and is independent and able to criticise the leadership when necessary;
  • opposes racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and all other forms of discrimination and is consistently internationalist, a stance which by definition includes support for the democratic and national rights of the Palestinians;
  • opposes attempts to conflate anti-Zionism with antisemitism;
  • campaigns to radically transform and democratise the Labour Party and the trade unions;
  • campaigns for the implementation of trigger ballots (as a step towards mandatory reselection) so that the Parliamentary Labour Party better reflects the pro-Corbyn views of the vast majority of members;
  • supports and encourages struggles now against austerity and all forms of oppression.
  • forges strong links with local trade unionists and TU branches to organise for campaigns and elections
  • We agree to affiliate as a “local group” to the Labour Left Alliance and pay a subscription of £10pa [national group = £100]
  • We agree to work with other LLA local groups, share successes, contacts and ideas to deliver the points listed above
  • We elect xxxx as a delegate to the LLA organising group

Leaflet for Labour Party conference 2019

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A5 leaflet: Appeal for a democratic Labour Left Alliance. Download as PDF here.