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With British (and world) politics in total flux, those of us on the Labour Left need to be able to mobilise effectively and with a radical agenda, defend the Party against attack from within and without, as well as give support to struggles against austerity and oppression. That left needs to be supportive of the overall policies of the current leadership — but willing and able to be critical when that is required. And it needs to be sufficiently robust and organised to defend a Corbyn government against the full force of the inevitable all-out attacks the establishment will launch as soon as Corbyn is elected Prime Minister.

We are now in a situation where, four years on from the 2015 Jeremy Corbyn leadership campaign, we have a socialist Labour leadership, but significant gaps where the grassroots network should be intervening. We need to find a different model and a different way of organising ourselves, in a situation where Momentum has lost the trust of the grassroots and where all power is in the hands of a small group. 

Labour Left Alliance ( launched in July and already has over 1,700 supporters and several dozen national and local affiliated groups. In addition to many newly-formed, or newly-invigorated, local groups that meet face-to-face and plan local actions, we have two lively Facebook groups (, one for organisational issues, another for political discussions, and we will be having a delegate-based conference in early February.

Labour Left Alliance is a group of left-leaning individuals and groups, organising democratically and transparently in order to:

  • Support Corbyn (and by extension, his supporters) against attacks by the right (and when necessary, criticise him);
  • Support struggles against austerity and against all forms of oppression;
  • Oppose racism, Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and all forms of discrimination, and oppose any attempts to conflate anti-Zionism with Anti-Semitism, for as internationalists, we support the democratic and national rights of Palestinians;
  • Campaign to radically transform and democratise the Labour Party and the Trade Unions, as well as campaign to make the PLP more reflective of the pro-Corbyn majority membership.

Labour Left Alliance is not in competition with any existing left group. There is no need to resign from or disaffiliate from any other left organisation to participate in the Labour Left Alliance. Indeed, we recognise the desperate need for us to have thriving networks of local and regional left groups who can be responsive to local issues as well as join in coordinated national actions. That’s the difference with this endeavour: we want to help the left link up, not create or control it. We’re determined that LLA is really a grassroots movement, where supporters decide the direction it takes. Every local group has an elected representative on the organising committee.

We feel that Labour Left Alliance can play a critical role in ensuring that the Labour Party fully returns to its socialist roots. Please join with us at