LLA conference August 22/23 2020

Report by the Conference Arrangements Committee, June 16 2020

CAC members: Paul A (Croydon), Kate M (Bristol), Carol T (Wandsbeck), Eve D (International Labour), Tina W (Labour Against the Witchhunt), Phil P (OG Chair), Dan P (Rotherham), Ken S (Cheltenham)

Please note that this will be the first time we have conducted an online conference and there is very little experience on the left on how to do it… so please bear with us as we are trying to work out all the details. For example, we have not yet decided if we’ll conduct conference as a Zoom ‘webinar’ or a ‘meeting’. We will publish motions and amendments as and when we receive them.


June 13: 10 weeks before conference

o   OG meets and agrees on date, structure and draft agenda
o   Invite constitutional amendments
o   Formally elect a CAC 

July 11: 6 weeks before conference

o   OG meets and agrees on leadership statement/s; invite amendments 
o   Invite other policy motions and amendments to the OG statement/s

August 1: 3 weeks before conference

o   Deadline for motions; but we publish them as we receive them (with recommendation of compositing, if appropriate)
o   Publication of SC/OG report

August 15: 1 week before conference

o   Deadline for all amendments
o   Deadline for composited motions; to be published straight after
o   Deadline for notification of delegates


Aided by the question ‘What do we want to achieve from the conference?’ Four key areas of discussion – please note that they are listed not in order of suggested agenda. 

1) Report from the SC/OG: what we have done since last conference and how we have implemented conference decisions.
-> Amendments, votes

2) Political lead statement/s by the Organising Group (possibly more than one if if the OG can’t agree a consensus statement) 
-> Amendments, votes

3) Other motions
-> motions, amendments, votes 

4) Constitution
-> amendments (including possibility to replace whole constitution with a new one)


a) They need to be submitted in advance in writing according to the pre-conference timeline

b) Submission of motions and amendments either by
– An affiliated local or national organisation
– A regional pre-conference meeting (for all those not organised in an affiliated group)
– Any 10 signed up LLA supporters 

c) We will accept a maximum of 3 amendments and 3 motions per affiliated group/region per conference agenda item, but no more than a total of six motions and amendments per affiliated group/region

d) Debate: We will use our standing orders (link here) to discuss motions, with the addition of how we want to structure the debate: We will hear a minimum of two speakers in favour of a motion (mover and seconder) and two against. In general, we want to hear the same number of speakers in favour and against a motion to allow for the best debate possible. 

d) We will recommend compositing of motions only if motions are very similar and do not contain substantive differences 


Ideally, groups and regions should organise two meetings in line with our pre-conference timetable: 

  • one to agree motions (and elect delegates) – before August 1
  • one to agree amendments to motions (and elect delegates) – before August 15

a) Delegates

  • Delegate numbers are calculated on the basis of one delegate per five LLA signatories (or part thereof), details tbc.
  • National organisations will be able to send a set amount of delegates (tbc)
  • Members of the LLA Steering Group and Organising Group do not automatically become delegates and will only have voting/moving/amending/speaking rights if elected as delegates by their local or national groups or by a regional pre-conference meeting.
  • All delegates selected by affiliated local and national groups must be notified to the CAC no later than Saturday August 15. 

b) Local and national affiliated groups
– Organise their own pre-conference meeting/s and decide how to choose delegates.
– Local groups can send 1 delegates per 5 locally signed up LLA signatories. For example, 10 signatories = 2 delegates. 11 signatories = 3 delegates.
– National groups can send up to 3 delegates.

c) Regional meetings
–    Organised by the LLA Organising Group, for all LLA supporters who are not active in an affiliated local group.
– Regional meetings can send 1 delegates per 5 LLA signatories who attend the pre-conference meeting. For example, 10 attendees = 2 delegates. 11 attendees = 3 delegates. We urge comrades to try and set up local groups before regional meetings, as this will increase the number of delegates from an area (because all signatories in an area will be counted to calculate number of delegates).

d) 10 LLA signatories
–     Any LLA signatory can put their name to up to 3 motions and 3 amendments (of 10 signatories). 
–     If none of the 10 signatories is a delegate who can move the motion/amendment, the group is allowed to select a mover and seconder.