LLA launch conference

Saturday February 22, 2020, Sheffield (very near train station), registration from 10am. Finish: 5.30pm. All delegates and registered observers will be informed of the venue shortly before conference – make sure we know that you are coming: info@labourleft.org. Only registered LLA supporters may attend. Observers and delegates have to register by February 20. Please bring a form of ID.

In order to cover the cost for the hire of the hall and printing, we are asking for a minimum entrance fee of £5 (waged) and £3 (unwaged), with voluntary solidarity contributions of £10 (waged) and £5 (unwaged).

Details of pre-conference meetings are available here. For some suggestions on the agenda of those meetings, click here. Delegates and observers have to be signatories of our appeal. Ideally, we comrades to sign up online, but you can also print out and take these leaflet versions of our appeal and a sign up form to your meeting – please make sure they fill out the whole form and return them to us, ideally in electronic format.

Motions received

Agenda, participation, timetable and deadlines

The PDF version of this is available online here (document will download when you click on it). Please note that we might tweak the agenda.

I) Draft Agenda

Detailed timings of the agenda will be sorted out closer to the date of conference, as we need to see how many motions/amendments have come in.

1) Political intro: Why we need the Labour Left Alliance

2) Short report: Our current supporters, groups etc

3) Motions and amendments (debates followed by votes)

  • A) Political campaigning strategy, goals and priorities
  • B) Our constitution: purpose, principles, structure
  • C) Recruitment, networking, and social media

5) Summary of next steps, thanks & close

II) Conference participation, motions and amendments

1) All LLA supporters will be allocated a particular geographical area where at least one democratic pre-conference meeting will be held in January for the purpose of electing conference delegates and deciding on motions (and amendments). These meetings should also discuss how they raise money to send their delegates. Ideally, these pre-conference meetings will be run by the local Labour Left groups who have signed up to the LLA and will consist of all LLA signatories living nearby.

2) In areas where there are no functioning affiliated groups nearby, the LLA organising group will help to set up and run pre-conference meeting, though it will need the help of one or two local comrades. This would entail booking a venue and finding somebody to chair the meeting. We could help drafting an agenda and will send it out to all signatories living nearby. So, if you are not organised in a local Labour Left group, but can help to set up a pre-conference meeting, please get in touch: info@labourleft.org

3) Ideally, all these pre-meetings should take place in January, so that we can publish all details together, allowing those not yet organised in groups to choose a location that is most convenient for them.

4) The delegate ratio is 1:3. For example, if there is a pre-conference meeting in an area with 30 signed up LLA supporters, the meeting can elect 10 delegates. If there are 10 LLA supporters = you can send 3 delegates etc. Please let us know the names of your delegates after your meeting.

5) In terms of motions and amendments, these pre-conference meetings can submit one motion and one amendment on each of the three main conference headings (please try to keep them short, if possible):

i) Political campaigning strategy, goals and priorities
ii) Our constitution: purpose, principles, structures
iii) Recruitment, networking, and social media

We encourage comrades to amend each others’ motions, rather than submit similar ones – for this reason, we will publish motions and draft constitutions as we receive them. We also want to encourage the merging of similar motions/constitutions (where applicable) and have allowed two weeks for this process. Please note that we won’t accept amendments that contradict the spirit of the original motion or attempt to “delete all” and “replace with”.

6) Nationally affiliated groups can send their current three representatives on the Organising Group, but should also be encouraged to get all their members signed up to local Labour Left groups. They can submit one motion and one amendment on each of the three conference headings.

7) Any 10 LLA supporters across the country can get together to submit one motion or one amendment (but every person can only sign one motion/amendment).

III) Pre-conference timetable

Deadline Dates  
Final agenda send out Tuesday February 18
Deadline for amendments Sunday February 16
Sending out provisional agenda with all motions received Monday February 10
Deadline for compositing motions (where applicable) Sunday February 8
Deadline for motions Friday January 31