URGENT ACTION! Help to get Richard Burgon onto the ballot paper!

Please get in touch with your local Labour MP, urging them to give their nomination to Richard Burgon for the position of deputy leader of the Labour Party. Regardless of which candidate you are thinking of voting for, it is important for the left that Richard Burgon is at least on the ballot paper – this will help shape the discussions over the next couple of months about the future direction of the party. Of course, you can also email other Labour MPs. All MPs’ contact details can be found here.

Example letter/email:

Dear [MP]I am emailing you as a matter of some importance, in that I would like you to nominate Richard Burgon for the Deputy Leader.

I am, like many other grassroots members, concerned that Richard might not get sufficient nominations to be on the ballot paper.

I hope you would agree that it important for the democracy of our party that Richard, with the support he has at grassroots level, is at least on the ballot paper to ensure the widest choice as possible.

I look forward to a positive reply.