LLA Agrees its NEC Voting Recommendations

  1. The LLA recommends that Labour Party members rank the LLA 6 candidates highest (in whichever order – in fact, it is best to ‘mix it up’ a little). They have shown their commitment to our political platform, which includes the need to openly fight against the witch-hunt in the party and wider society (see all candidates’ responses here).
  • Roger Silverman
  • Chaudhry Qamer Iqbal
  • Carol Taylor-Spedding
  • Alec Price
  • Ekua Bayunu
  • Steve Maggs
  1. That they then rank as many left wing candidates as they can, referring to a voting guide to be published by LLA (and hopefully other left organisations).
  2. That they also include the CLGA 6 in their preferences.

STV allows the left to put forward more than nine candidates without any risk of giving advantage to the right – in fact, it is tactically better to vote for more than nine, as this will avoid the risk of inadvertently increasing the vote of the right. On the other hand, there is a real danger of left-wing votes being wasted if left-wing members list only six preferences.

Most importantly, STV allows members to rank those candidates who most closely agree with their political principles highest – without any danger of ‘splitting the left vote’. More on this here.