Jo Bird and Mo Azam must be immediately reinstated!

Please see below for a model motion and further below for some sample letters comrades could use as a basis for protest letters to Jennie Formby

Statement of the LLA organising group:

Verified sources report that respected socialist and Palestine solidarity activist Jo Bird has been suspended. The LLA calls for the immediate rescinding of the suspensions of NEC candidates Jo Bird and Mohammed Azam.

Suspension (before investigation) of the leading candidates in the very midst of an election process, is a blunt and extreme measure that the Party should explain and account to all members for immediately. Failure to do so would give credence to member’s complaints that party processes are being abused for partisan advantage. Such complaints are borne up by attacks, such as these two arbitrary suspensions, against left-wing members that are allowed to go unchallenged from the Labour party’s governing body; the NEC.