June 24: Defend the right to protest – show solidarity with Tony Greenstein and other Elbit activists!

Defend the right to protest!
Defend the right of juries to reach a verdict according to their conscience!
Our fundamental rights are under attack. People are being sent to prison just for using the terms “climate change” and “fuel poverty” in court and arrested for literally upholding the law concerning the right of juries to make decisions on their conscience.
In 1670, Bushel’s Case established the right of a jury to reach a verdict ‘according to their convictions.’ This allowed the acquittal of the protesters that toppled the statue of the slave trader, Edward Colston. Since then the Court of Appeal has withdrawn ‘lawful excuse’ from damage to property.
Palestine Action activists have been prevented from explaining their motives in a trial for conspiracy to cause criminal damage to an Israeli arms factory, which makes armed drones carrying out war-crimes against Palestinian civilians. Climate activists have also been prevented from discussing their motives in court. This undermining of the jury system is a huge attack on all of our rights.
You can show solidarity with Tony and the other Elbit campaigners  outside Wolverhampton court when they will be sentenced (please note that this has been delayed to July 10, but might take place even later).
Come along to our Zoom meeting on Saturday June 24 at 6pm to discuss the issues and how we can fight back. Register here: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_K4VLOrwARMueMGRUMnPjkg
Speakers include:
  • Huda Ammori from Palestine Action, which protests against factories supplying arms to Israel
  • Kush Naker of Just Stop Oil
  • Tim Crosland, Director of PlanB, which links mobilisation and litigation to hold power to account for the climate catastrophe
  • Tony Greenstein, who is facing a custodial sentence and has been prevented from speaking out about his motives in court
  • Deepa Driver on the fight for justice for Julian Assange