Our questions to all Momentum NCG candidates – and their answers

Momentum’s election to the National Coordinating Group begins on June 16. There are lot of different views on Momentum within the LLA – some think it’s pointless to try and reform the organisation that Jon Lansman has gutted of all democracy (click here for some background material on Momentum’s history and current structure), while others believe that it can be changed and there are three different ‘slates’ running in the NCG elections. The steering committee of the LLA has therefore decided to ask all candidates a set of questions. Our organising group, meeting on June 13, can then look at the answers and decide if the LLA should support any slates or candidates.

Update June 13: Nobody from Momentum Renewal replied to our request, despite the fact that we contacted them officially as well as wrote to all candidates individually. Forward Momentum and Syed Siddiqi (London) have sent us statements rather than detailed answers: FM statement here and Syed Siddiqi’s statement here. Find further below detailed answers supplied by the Anticapitalist Platform and Jae Robinson (Midlands and East Region), who unfortunately did not receive enough nominations in time.

1) Will you campaign for Momentum to have a sovereign members’ conference/AGM that sets policy and elects its National Coordinating Group?

2) Regarding the selection of NEC candidates, will you campaign for an end to backroom deals and for Momentum to implement a democratic internal process, which involves all members and then seek a democratic selection process within the whole Labour Left?