Solidarity with Tony Greenstein and the other Palestine Action activists

SOLIDARITY WITH TONY GREENSTEIN and the other Palestine Action activists who have just been found guilty by a jury – more details below. The case was a democratic outrage: The defendants were unable to discuss the motives for their planned action and all common law defences – lawful excuse, justification necessity etc. – had been removed from the jury.
Judging by the harshness of the judge throughout the proceedings, Tony and the others are likely to receive custodial sentences – for an action that had not actually taken place. This is a shocking inditement of the state of ‘justice’ in this country. The right to protest has been hollowed out over recent months and further attacked in the run up to the coronation.
All socialists and democrats should stand with the comrades – we are in discussion with Tony about how to best support him and the others, watch this space.