Suspended sentences only for all Elbit protestors

We are very pleased report that all four pro-Palestine protesters who in 2021 targeted an Elbit factory in Shenstone today received suspended sentences at their hearing in Wolverhampton. Tony Greenstein and three other protestors feared for the worst: during the eight weeks long trial, the judge refused the defendants the right to explain their motives to the jury and they were promptly found guilty.

Watched by over 50 supporters, today they were given sentences of between 9 and 12 months – but suspended for two years. This is especially heartening as comrade Greenstein was quite honest on his blog that he was “driving a van to Elbit Systems Shenstone factory. We were intent on redecorating the premises of Elbit in the blood red colour of their victims.”

Solidarity with comrade Greenstein and the other defendants, who can be seen celebrating outside Wolverhampton Court earlier today: