NEC elections, summer 2020: Would you like to be considered as a candidate?

First though we want to ask all LLA signatories if they are interested in becoming a member of the ruling body of the Labour Party. There are nine positions for representatives from Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs) and one position as the BAME representative.

Incidentally, we are not convinced that the process initiated by Steve Walker on his blog Skwakbox is a good way forward.

  • For a start, he is doing this merely as individual and has not contacted any of the organisations on the Labour left.
  • He will also allow anybody to cast a vote between the different candidates – which means that right-wingers in the Labour Party, Tory Party members and other opponents of the Labour movement could get involved in deciding who the left should campaign for!

In other words: it will be an apolitical beauty contest, which means its results can’t be the sole basis for determining the selection of candidates.

Instead, this is the democratic and transparent process agreed by the LLA organising group:

1. Nominations stage (10 days)

  • Please nominate yourself by sending an email to by March 17 (ie, ten days from now).
  • By nominating yourself, you agree to campaign – as a minimum – for the political positions contained within our appeal. We also expect all candidates to cooperate fully with the steering committee and the organising group of the LLA.
  • Please attach a statement of no more than 250 words. Comrades are strongly encouraged to include background information on what action they have taken on the issues identified as key ones for the LLA, as well as their background in the labour and trade union movement.

2. Balloting stage (5 days)

All statements will be published online. All LLA signatories can vote for their preferred candidate/s, using a transferable voting system.

3. Negotiations with other groups on the left

The outcome of our ballot will determine the candidates’ positions on our LLA slate, with which we will then approach other groups on the Labour left. We will try to agree a mechanism to determine a joint slate with those groups, for example by a joint ballot. If that fails, we will again consult with LLA supporters to discuss the best way forward.