The way forward for the LLA – two statements

Political differences have emerged on the LLA Organising Group when we started to discuss the way forward and the strategy for the LLA and the left internationally. We believe that there is no problem with having political differences – quite the opposite: They are a reflection of the LLA as an alliance of people and groups with different political backgrounds and experiences. We will therefore have two draft lead statements for discussion at our conference – a majority statement, which was supported by roughly 2/3 of the members of our OG, and a minority statement. We want to debate them in a comradely and transparent way, not just at our August 22/23 conference itself, but also in the run up to it and beyond. We are inviting all LLA signatories to submit amendments to either or both of the draft statements.

The two statements are available as a Word document here and a PDF document here.

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