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Proposed conference motion from Labour International, asking NEC to take over implementation of trigger ballots in case of a snap election

Guaranteeing Members’ Democratic Rights In Parliamentary Selections

Conference notes:

The trigger ballot reform passed by Conference in 2018. That in 2017, Labour MPs who wished to stand again were automatically reselected.

That many CLPs entitled to do so have not yet completed trigger ballots for or against an open selection of parliamentary candidates for the coming general election.

That in the event of a snap general election being called before selections are completed, sitting MPs may be reselected automatically in spite of any trigger ballots.

Conference believes:

Labour members have a democratic right to select their parliamentary candidates.

For these rights to be abrogated for two general elections in a row would mean many Labour members have had no say in the selection of their parliamentary candidates since 2015. This would leave an indefensible democratic deficit that the NEC must take emergency measures to prevent.

Conference mandates the NEC

To amend its selection timetable as foreseen under Chapter 5.IV.1 of the Labour Rulebook by:

  • Instructing CLPs with sitting MPs who wish to stand again to complete all trigger ballots by 31 October 2019.
  • Beginning all CLP selection processes automatically within one week of any trigger ballot threshold being reached, and by 1 October 2019 if this threshold has already been reached.
  • To complete rather than abandon all ongoing selections in the event of a snap election, by bringing forward the selections timetable under the powers granted under Chapter 5.IV.10 & 12 of the rulebook.